Angelina and Brad. All eyes on them. The star couple of the Hollywood gets all the attention. That includes their family: Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt and of course the lovely twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

Angelina Jolie is happy with her looks as a mother

Motherhood has make Angelina Jolie happy with her looks. Well, is actually rare for a mother to be satisfied with her looks. Normally women will be concerned about their weight and all sort of stuff after gave birth. She told during in an interview “I know this is going to sound corny, but I […]

Did PEOPLE magazine promise for positive coverage for Brangelina?

Brangelina was paid by People magazine for the photos of the twins with the amount of $14 million dollars and $6 million for Shiloh when she was a baby. According to The New York Times, one of the condition was to promise positive coverage of the star family. People Deputy Managing Editor Peter Castro denies […]

Angelina Jolie says that breastfeeding is not easy

Angelina Jolie finds that breastfeeding her twins babies is not an easy task. She said this in an interview on British show GMTV “You think, ‘Ah, if anybody can do that, I can do that. But it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books. I did that a few times, but [mostly] I […]

Brad Pitt angry over Jennifer’s remarks about Angelina

Brad Pitt is angry over his estranged wife Jennifer’s remarks on his current partner Angelina in an interview, he thought Jennifer “moved on and wouldn’t want to reopen this old wound”. After so many years, Angelina finally breaks her silence on her relationship with Brad during the set Mr and Mrs Smith. However, a columnist […]

View BBC interview with Angelina Jolie

View BBC interview with Angelina Jolie where she reveal the reason she accepted the role for Clint Eastwood film ‘Changeling’ and how is like to work with him. Click here to view. Source

Brad Pitt is taking on the cops

First Angelina Jolie played Christine Collins and took on an entire corrupt police force in Changeling. Now Brad Pitt and Plan B are gearing up to take on a fake cop. Brad and Plan B are working with a team of writers to develop a biopic based on the true story of Linda Trest, a […]

Brad Pitt on Oprah Winfrey video clips

Many of you may remember that a comment was left here awhile back from Christina who had been lucky enough to be chosen to ask Brad Pitt a question during his Oprah Winfrey interview. Christina decided to ask Brad about some of his tattoos but he declined to elaborate, blushing and simply declaring that they […]